Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Libyan corporatism

The wiki leak era continue to unfold first with the flame of Bouazizi, then the feet on Tahrir Square suddenly darkened by the rape of Lara Logan, now bloodied by Saudi, Bharain monararchs and Quadaffi, Israel targets.

And conveniently under wraps for modernism. If the internet was open people would be able to broadcast their plight from US, French, and British bombs and bullets.

Neo colonialism, the global movement driving incomes toward the lowest common denominator on cheap gas, is corporate policy. Dictatorships are the most efficient means of managing a company. Democracy in the US under the two party system is the best government corparations can buy. These corpgovs are a standard feature of policy today. Corporations have no problem dealing with and trading with dictatorships. But as we see with the coalition no-drive-zone is Libya these DicCorps are not chartered under GATT etc. and thus traditional thievery can be brought to bear on asserts under legitimate charges of brutality, etc. that are suddenly and conveniently applied.

The bombing of civilian targets in Tibet and Gaza or the firing on civilian populations in Yemen and Gaza show how naked the emperor truely is.

That is why Obama opposed meet-the-law-and-raise-the-minimum-wage Aristide's return in Haiti and why a banana dictatorship was able to change the elected government in Honduras. The crime of padre Amoro are alligned with the state.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Corporate responsibility is an oxymoron

Profits ensure that greed will swamp responsibility with dollars. People stay chained to the workmill in the hope that that they can acquire some of those dollars. Why did people in Tokyo become dependent on these six nuclear plants 150 miles to the north? Politicians in turn feed from the corporate trough. Every dime going into nuclear is not going to renewables which sustained the world until the industrial age!

The same corporate dependent ignoramus in Tokyo today questions the veracity of politicians. But the corporate puppet master is allowed to spread its mischief in China, Taiwan and other supposed enemeies yoked to the corporate plow. With Jeffery ImmeLt running the US economy of course Obama is going to be singing the GE tune like Ronnie. The experts that brought you this disaster will now save you is increasingly frayed.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Vacations suck if the food is lousy

With cheap fossil fuel came roads and with roads access to remote places. As people's incomes have grown they've taken their kids on vacation with them. And with families has come another casualty of the road- the decline of local food to satisfy the fussy less granular pallet of children. Which is a pity because parents can't behave like adults and eat food- instead they have to pretend to like hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, and spaghetti all the time. Local food systems that depended on the city for income break down, the city loses its agricultural base to McDonalds and Cargill, and cheaper property for sprawl shows up where green fields used to be.

Coastal communities, which families like to visit, lose out more since whole populations of seafood collapse with families. Kids don't eat snapper so it gets gobbled up in the international market. Only shrimp is allowed here and that may have to come from Mexico or Vietnam.  Local fishermen lose control of the market and sell into the global distribution market which has only one constraint- lower prices. Fishermen go broke and their properties are the next place for the road to access new condos on the beach.

Into this mix of property rights and roads the California Coastal Commission has sought to preserve public access to a beach by restricting ownership (though owners get a portion of the rent):
    The California Coastal Commission, an agency founded in 1972, wants to ensure public access to the state’s 1,100 miles of shoreline. So when Lowe Enterprises requested permission to build 50 condominiums, which the company calls casitas, in an oceanfront resort called Terranea in this lush section of southwest Los Angeles County, the commission demanded restrictions. The idea was to keep owners from monopolizing access to the ocean.

According to Peter M. Douglas, executive director of the commission, developers determined that condominiums would be more profitable than hotels. But because the commission’s goal is to maximize public access, it imposed restrictions meant to make the condominiums available to the public as rentals.

Developers agreed to the restrictions. But that was during a bull market. Now, Mr. Douglas said, developers say that building condos with the restrictions “turned out to be more trouble than it’s worth.”

Will it work to preserve local food systems?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hopkins- The Transition Handbook

I always though air and water pollution was bad and displacing indigenous communities for their resources was the basis of (social) evil. To the extent that I believe that I have a right to breathe clean air and drink clean water I have always opposed the notion that the government can allow incremental pollution of my body organs. So peak oil and climate change are only new ways to address the same conflicts of rights over my life systems- lungs, kidneys, heart, blood, etc.

In The Transition Handbook- from oil dependence to local resilience by Rob Hopkins and Richard Hienberg a wonderful case is make for why we should build resilient communities to address a resource limited future and a livable planet for future generations. Home agriculture, and community gardens are the first steps.

Peak oil doesn't engage people. Its been around for a while now. People are not connected to any long term problem. In a way Hopkins is saying that we need to appeal to a better society without saying the world is ending. Develop a vision and work back to what steps today can realize the long term sustainable vision. The silence that pervades this issue is an inability to see past our needs. Some people walk or bike and others think they are doing the impossible. Same with growing your own food- its a surprise. So speak up and do and let your own lives be the light that illuminates the darkness.

The discussion of The Transition Handbook by Rob Hopkins is chugging along on Hyperlocavore! You can drop in anywhere!